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Interview with our student Kazuki Motoyoshi

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Kazuki Motoyoshi, Tokyo (Japan) is another example of a successful student of ITAérea’s Master in Sustainable Air Transport Management MATSM co-delivered with the United Nations. We had the chance to ask Kazuki his impressions about ITAérea and how the MATSM has influenced his role as an Overseas Project Manager at Narita International Airport (Tokyo).

– What position do you currently hold and what functions do you perform in the Narita International Airport (Tokyo)?
I am currently an Overseas Project Manager at Narita International Airport Corporation. My responsibilities include exporting Narita Airport’s experience and expertise to motivate further growth of the airport sector worldwide. Additionally, I work on expanding Narita Airport’s overseas business as one of the pillars of its future growth.

– How do you think that the knowledge acquired in the Master in Sustainable Air Transport Management MATSM has influenced your professional development?
The knowledge acquired in the MATSM program has been transformative for my professional development. It has provided me with a deeper understanding of various aspects of the aviation industry such as airports, airlines and air navigation services. It also has empowered me to drive sustainable practices that will enhance Narita International Airport’s competitive edge and commitment to sustainability.

– What is the most important aspect that you highlight of your experience as a student of ITAérea – UN MATSM?
The most important aspect of my experience during the MATSM program is the suitability and flexibility of the online program. Working in Japan and travelling overseas for my job, I needed a program that could accommodate my unpredictable schedule and different time zones. ITAérea’s online format allowed me to access course materials regardless of time and my location, ensuring I could keep up with my studies without compromising my professional responsibilities.

– What is your overall opinion about ITAérea?
My overall opinion of ITAérea is extremely positive. I would say it was the perfect choice for advancing my aviation career because of ITAérea’s comprehensive curriculum tailored to the aviation industry, the reputation of ITAérea as a leader in aviation education, and the flexibility of its full online program.

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